“Tech is dual edged
Harness it for humanity...
it turns lethal”

“Wisdom should guide us, in taming the emerging technologies rather than allowing them to become dangerous paymasters”

Who we are?

A passionate team set to be part of the evolutionary process of technological advances and set to mark milestones in the changing landscape of engineering education and beyond.


Netriter, a consulting concern with special emphasis on technical education aims to bridge industry and institutions in reaching “INDUSTRY 4.0”. Advanced courses from the field of emerging technologies form the USP of our products.


Netriter offers communication content solutions on digital platform to cater the marketing and branding needs of various corporations, celebrities, representatives, products and retail outlets.


Netriter involves in collating ideas, thoughts and churning debates on open forums in creating the next generational ecosystem to support lives and beyond. The idea forums are basic foundation to create policies across different horizons of profession.


We believe in staying strong and sustaining these churning moments of disruptive technical landscape and absorbing the mammoth knowledge management. Netriter aims to be the torchbearer in guiding the student community with the next generation industry knowledge, gearing them with the state-of-the-art advance technologies besides making them ready with the right skill set enabling their prospective careers.

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We manage your Communications

We ensure to take care of your communications, while you continue to sell your products, provide your service or even brand yourself as a social asset/celebrity.


To market/brand your products/service digitally


Takes care of digital communications & connects offline activities


Works in tandem with client requirements & providing the best solutions


Takes extra care in handling post sales/service calls

Partnering a Journey

A journey without partnership is dull and dumb. We at Netriter have exciting associate partners who keep adding more values and updates with the crucial technological advances. Meet them with pleasure!